Every once in a while the subject of cricket’s most beautiful grounds (both in England or the world at large) surfaces, usually via social media or courtesy of a newspaper article. There is often a broad range of grounds featured with much depending on personal preference and opinion. Many opt for the grandeur, history and... Continue Reading →



Can a county possess a personality? Is it possible for a mass of administrative land divided on a rather arbitrary basis to take on human characteristics? Perhaps it’s one’s perception of certain locales, perhaps it’s simply the vicissitudes of geography, demographics and other such contributory factors that prove just as arbitrary as those imaginary lines... Continue Reading →


Stood on the macadam of the Tilford Road one can enjoy the view. It is a view that has adorned at least two books, countless photographs, various advertisements, a television program, a German documentary, many an internet article, a recent cover of The Cricketer magazine and has even featured in a film. The view is instantly recognisable.... Continue Reading →


According to the minutiae of the local government structural changes of 2009, England is currently divided into forty-eight ceremonial counties. Of these forty-eight, twenty-nine are represented in their own right in either the first-class or minor counties structure whilst the remaining nineteen are amalgamations of two or more counties that are represented as one; for example Merseyside, Greater... Continue Reading →


Bank Holidays in the United Kingdom tend to be dominated by a number of seemingly modern traditions: mass getaways, normally to the west country that create traffic jams aplenty on the main roads and motorways, copious amounts of DIY with trips to the associated outlets, impromptu Barbeques galore and general enjoyment of a long weekend... Continue Reading →

On the Road

Almost fifteen years previous this blogger and some family members ventured north to Wolverhampton under the auspices of visiting family and also to watch our local Football team play in an away match. The experience would obviously be different to watching the team at home, markedly different. The route through the town centre was familiar... Continue Reading →

English Country Garden

“There’s some corner of a foreign field that is forever India.” (sic)   For many followers and supporters, the third edition of the Cricket World Cup will forever be remembered for the sport’s first genuine David and Goliath contest in the limited overs format of the game; India’s victory over the all conquering West Indies... Continue Reading →


Cricket does strange things to people. Not just any sort of people but respected pillars of the community who possess esteemed careers and would likely be expected to avoid such trivial pastimes. But cricket is a sport which lures one into its welcoming clutches and embeds itself into one’s heart so that people make extraordinary... Continue Reading →

In Search of the Lesser-Spotted Crane

Australia’s domestic Sheffield Shield competition rarely generates significant headlines in the United Kingdom. Early March 2017 and the competition provokes plenty of interest in the English cricketing media though as young Hampshire leg-spinner Mason Crane, previously taking wickets aplenty in Australian grade cricket, is selected by New South Wales for their state match against South... Continue Reading →

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