Home from Home Part Two

In many respects the contrasts could not have proved greater. From the low level hubbub of central Chichester to the tranquillity of the almost picture perfect suburbia of south-west London. From possessing a slightly stronger line-up than the weakened Bexley equivalent to facing up to a powerful five representing the league’s defending champions. From the... Continue Reading →



Almost fifteen years and a hundred adventures have passed since this blogger began undertaking trips to watch cricket. Amongst the changes of standard, format, time of year and venue only one constant has remained: the weather. No matter how beautiful and confident the forecast one can never be one hundred per cent sure that Britain’s... Continue Reading →

Typical Surrey Book Review

For two and a half days last May this blogger was laid up in bed due to illness. Rendered almost incapacitated for such a period of time can drive one to distraction, particularly as the late May sun was shining with the beauty and warmth of early summer and day time television proving so bland... Continue Reading →

Home from Home Part One

Just what is television’s great advantage when it comes to the decision as to whether to watch a contest live at the venue or via a host broadcaster? In essence, it is the opportunity to enjoy an ersatz experience without leaving the comfort of one’s sofa. Within quick and easy reach is food and drink... Continue Reading →

Dispelling the Myths Part Three

Britain has a curious relationship with sport. On the surface Britain would very much be considered a sporting nation but scratch below the surface and said relationship between the British psyche and sport in general is complicated and, often, paradoxical. Granted, there is nothing convoluted between the British sporting public and blue chip sports such... Continue Reading →

The Exhaustive Guide to Club Cricket Review

There are any number of ills that weave their merry way through modern day sport but perhaps only one seems to transcend individual sports and proves a universal gripe for supporters: the lack of characters. Time was when sports enjoyed and nurtured individuals in possession of entertaining and intriguing personalities who lit up their chosen... Continue Reading →

The Iconoclast

“I don’t believe there is anything I love more than watching [Gaelic] football. I’m addicted, totally addicted to the game. Sure I’m stuck in the b****y thing for the last 70-odd years so I’m afraid I’ll keep at it now until I go into the grave. “I’d like to be on the sideline or in... Continue Reading →


Five summers previous this author enjoyed an afternoon’s cricket where the denouement proved one of the most intriguing and intoxicating that this author has experienced. The match in question wasn’t a single wicket victory or a one run success but the drama and the fascination nevertheless proved just as beguiling. The format wasn’t one featuring... Continue Reading →

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