Frivolous Observations: Running to Stand Still

Two factors for the 100 competition have been regularly bandied about for its creation: simplifying the game and speeding up the game. Cricket, apparently, is too complicated and too lengthy for the ECB’s planned new audience so a disfigured, botched equivalent has been created to remedy both ills. On the surface such plans appear set... Continue Reading →


The Forgotten Counties: Conundrum

As expected, there were more than a few grumbles post the ECB’s recent announcement regarding the first-class structure, including the ‘new tournament, for the 2020 season. Much surrounded the structure of the County Championship itself but for some cricket supporters the final addition arguably proved the most intriguing: a round of fifty over contests between... Continue Reading →

Henry Blofeld Autobiography Review

Sports commentary is somewhat akin to driving a Formula One racing car: the task appears easy but reality dictates otherwise. Just as the jump from driving a normal road car to driving a racing equivalent is stratospheric so the leap from talking about a sport with a few friends to commentating for the eyes and... Continue Reading →

Frivolous Observations: The Gilchrist Effect

Every so often there is a moment (singular or linear) during a cricket match which simply makes one purr. The moment isn’t necessarily spectacular or involving big hitting, diving catches or stumps being splayed but often entails a display of skill, or skills, which are subtle yet brilliant in their execution and completion. During the... Continue Reading →


Autumn in the northern Hemisphere is a rum time for English cricket supporters. Despite concluding just six weeks in the past the previous season seems distant and of another age whilst the next is weeks and months into the future beyond the litany of celebrations and festivals and the nudging forward of the clocks back... Continue Reading →

Winter Solace Reprised

Two autumns previous the marvellous coffee table tome Remarkable Cricket Grounds provided some much needed joy and solace. As the year headed towards its terminus, as temperatures slowly cooled and as the light evenings became a distant memory this beautiful creation offered a glorious glimpse of the summer and proved something of a tonic to... Continue Reading →


For a sport to reach the highest stratosphere in the modern, media driven world then one could argue that it must woo the capricious beast that is television. Whether the benefits are of a financial nature or greater exposure, or both, television offers a platform from which a sport can launch itself into the stratosphere... Continue Reading →

Vive le difference!

In a modern day world remorselessly operating at a frightening pace and dominated by an ever changing, updating overload of hyperbolic information and chintzy soundbites one could be forgiven for being surprised at how the sport of Snooker has managed to hold its own amid the barrage. Played at a slow pace in waistcoats, bow... Continue Reading →


Approximately twenty-five miles separate Wentworth Golf Club and Walton Heath Golf Club but the distance between the former in late May and the latter in mid October requires greater measurement than that of a chronological or linear nature. Gauging such a difference depends on one’s personal judgement but regular attendees at the PGA Championship and... Continue Reading →

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