Evening Escapades: Wimborne Evening League

From a personal perspective, one of the more interesting aspects of Evening League cricket are the criteria upon which the various leagues were founded and are now run. Most tend to have begun on a geographical basis. Thus, in previous seasons one has watched matches in both the Border League for clubs located within a... Continue Reading →

Opportunity Reprised

At present, the advent of women’s cricket and the red ball format inevitably provokes much collective purring amongst large swathes of cricket supporters. Such a situation has developed due to the scarcity of fixtures throughout women’s cricket involving a red ball; a scenario that raised attention recently after Greg Barclay’s comments regarding women’s test matches... Continue Reading →

On the Edge

Some roads lend themselves to pleasant driving. Perhaps it’s the nature of the route or the geography and topography of the journey. Stretching from the outskirts of Basingstoke to the southern hinterlands of Reading, the A33 meanders gently to provide a pleasant, sinuous journey between the two locales taking in and passing through intriguing places... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary Erlestoke

Cricket Twitter, and Twitter as a whole, often proves a cesspit. Armed with a certain level of anonymity, too many users proffer opinions that are horrendous and, at times, inhumane. Amongst the morass of such vile behaviour there are often moments that provoke great joy and wonderment though. The notion of sharing pictures, events, videos... Continue Reading →

Vectis Voyagers

During the depths of late autumn and early winter of 2018 county cricket was somewhat abuzz. Three days prior to the end of November the following season’s fixtures were released and one particular match and venue caught the eye of many a supporter. After a period in excess of half a century Hampshire were returning... Continue Reading →

Bucking the Trend

The comment seemed jovial but the intimation was stark. During a conversation with Sir Alastair Cook last summer a prominent cricket journalist jokingly enquired as to what, and why, the erstwhile England captain was still playing county cricket. Said comments may have been uttered with more than a modicum of jest but they perhaps highlighted... Continue Reading →


Sport affords mere mortals the chance to dream. A chance to witness and live sporting dreams through the very best practitioners as they expertly ply their respective trades so brilliantly. To wish our meagre, mediocre efforts were as luminous. Ergo the very best are so revered. The stellar names allow fans to play out their... Continue Reading →

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