Outground Odes: Richmond

Prior to the start of the current season this author had watched a grand total of sixty-four T20 matches during one’s spectating life time. Without wishing to sound scornful or sniffy most have proved forgettable, the details of the contests lost in the sands of time in a manner that the format arguably encourages. There’s... Continue Reading →

County Streams: What Next?

County cricket seems to be in a constant state of flux. Aside from the usual consternations about its future, the structure of the Championship and the season as a whole seems to be tweaked or amended every year. Rarely is any aspect allowed to settle before the latest nip-tuck is implemented. Such developments frustrate supporters... Continue Reading →

In the Shadows Part Five

For Cheltenham, Stansted, Goodwood and Arundel one could also add Abbotsbury. Located ten miles or so to the north-west of Weymouth, the Dorset village is famous for the eponymous Swannery that has existed on the shore of the Fleet, the lagoon that sits behind Chesil Beach, for over six hundred years. The Swannery is now... Continue Reading →

Anomaly Part Three

For the Border League and the MCC Young Cricketers (see https://yahooovercowcorner.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/anomaly/ and https://yahooovercowcorner.wordpress.com/2018/07/05/anomaly-part-two/) one could also add the Guy Jewell Cup. Leagues and competitions are, more often than not, formed on geographical bases, particularly the further towards the hackneyed grass roots that one travels. Some possess historical resonance that, in the modern climate of more... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the Silence

Few people would disagree with the assertion that the past year and a bit has produced very little positivity. One doesn’t need to delve into the details, everyone has been affected in some way, no matter how large or small. One development has proved particularly positive and beneficial though. Almost through accident, society has re-discovered... Continue Reading →

In the Shadows Part Four

The central reservation reaches its conclusion and the dual carriageway slims to a single lane equivalent. Soon after, the road curves around to the right and passes the White Swan pub before gently heading in the opposite direction and undertaking a gradual descent, acquiescing to the natural topography. Once beyond a sign for the District... Continue Reading →

More Musings on Spectating

Spectating can be a simple business. People attend sporting contests to see the best players; they enjoy watching the stars. Such a concept is understandable; in some respects spectating is an extension of ourselves, our desires and wishes to see great exploits, performances and achievements that we cannot produce ourselves. On many occasions spectating is... Continue Reading →

Won’t You Dance for Virat Kohli? Book Review

Being a lover of cricket, both playing or following, requires balance. Not in the most literal sense utilising one’s feet but in a figurative sense that the sport’s extended hours, short season and widespread coverage across the breadth of summer dictates that one needs to locate a balance between how much time one spends playing... Continue Reading →

A Lament for May

May is my favourite month for cricket spectating. Later months will prove hotter and with more fixtures but one feels a sense of beginning during May. Summer has reached its genesis, the season is in its infancy and yawns into the distant future and, generally, the weather proves reasonably warm and settled. Whimsical memories of... Continue Reading →

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