Closing the Circle

It’s been a year since I began this blogging lark so to mark the occasion I’ve decided on some shameless promotion of the personal blogging highlights from the last twelve months.

The genesis arrived with the onset of autumn. At such a time of year there wasn’t any spectating of cricket to use as a basis for decent blogging material so the subtleties of England’s rising star prompted the inaugural Yahoo Over Cow Corner article:

England’s subsequent winter tours generated useful subject matter but the annual release of the county fixtures offered its usual insight into the summer still some way off into the future:

Looking to the past proved just as intriguing though and the first part in a series of articles on Minor Counties cricket generated a decent amount of interest:

Five further articles arrived during the 2017 season, each enjoying plenty of interest:

Cricket’s ever shifting sands at county level also provoked much food for thought, with the subject matter of T20 cricket and the dwindling use of outgrounds to the fore:

The offseason requires alternative options to scratch one’s cricket itch though so copious amounts of reading, and resultant reviews, filling in plenty of quiet moments:

Spring and the new season soon arrived though and a late March trip to Oxford formed the first spectating day of the campaign and an article on cricket in the Parks that enjoyed a surprising level of interest:

The summer stretched out with plenty of days spectating at various levels of the game. One article proved more popular than all the others though, providing something of a surprise in that regard:

No sooner has one begun to relax into the summer than it all rapidly reached a conclusion though and the afternoons out were no more. There was still time for a couple of laments for the season though:

Thus, a year has passed since that first piece about Ben Stokes. Winter looms on the horizon but there are plenty more ideas and plenty of new horizons for next summer.


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